Cuttle Fish


  • Sea

Varieties available

  • Whole
  • Whole cleaned - Cuttlebone, Viscera and skin removed, but tentacles on.
  • Fillets - Only the body meat in split opened form.
  • Tentacles

Frozen Forms

  • IQF
  • Blast Frozen
  • Block Frozen

Quality Checks

Tested for pathogens/ salmonella/
V.Cholerae/ antibiotics/ cadmium/ chemical and
physical hazards.

Packaging Options

Block Frozen
Individual blocks wrapped in LDPE Sheets and packed in corrugated 5 ply master cartons.

IQF and Blast Frozen
Bulk bags packed in corrugated 5 Ply master cartons.

Loading Options

  • 10 tonnes in a 20ft. container
  • 20 tonnes in a 40 ft. container.