Oceanic Tropical Fruits Private Limited (OTFPL) is that part of the Oceanaa group of Companies that looks after fruit purees and concentrate in aseptic bags, cans and bottling of Mango juice and aerated drinks.

A true and tasty pleasure - that's our promise. All the flavour elements of fresh juicy fruit with their superior taste, beautiful deep colors and high nutritional value intact - that's Oceanic Tropical Fruits Private Limited (OTFPL) for you.

Consistent in quality and 'straight from the farm' delicious - OTPFL products reinforce the fact that fruits are indeed nature's sweetest gift to mankind. Primarily a tropical fruit player, OTFPL can also offer specific combinations on request. With the successful focus of advanced innovative technology, OTFPL now handles 125,000 tonnes of fruit annually and caters to domestic and international markets.


From Pure to Sure - that's our mission. OTFPL is committed to providing nourishing, great tasting and healthy products straight from the farm to the table. We deliver superior products to our customers by virtue of our continuous innovation, excellent service and a commitment to quality. Our vision is to achieve all the economies of larger volumes and compete in the global market. OTFPL is continuously striving to emerge as the world's most trusted partner in food production.


OTFPL's fruit manufacturing facilities are located at Marakkanam Village, Tamil Nadu, and Annur in Andhra Pradesh, both in India. Due to their proximity to Chennai, a major South Indian port, movement from harvest to destination without any time lag or wastage is ensured.


The Marketing Headquarters in Chennai relies on online access, and ensures prompt forwarding of goods. It is also connected to all the sourcing, canning, IQF and Aseptic Units through a well-networked communication system. The unit is also fully equipped with all the utility requirements and lab facilities to handle microbial analysis, quality assurance checks and research and development - right at the source. OTFPL also has its own Warehouse that has the capacity to hold the entire production apart from the immediate stocks. The extensive area provides storage for raw materials as well as final products. The warehouse is well ventilated and fumigated with required temperatures so that the products retain their freshness.


OTFPL's products are characterized by their freshness and purity. Fruit preparations are special products tailored to customer requirements, and are hence dependent on intensive research and a high degree of development-based cooperation with customers. Special preparations of high quality fruit, either as a puree or in pieces, add value to the products of the global food industry.

a. Contract Farming

We are procuring the raw material from our group company Oceanic Bio-Harvests Limited (OBHL) which has contract farming arrangements with the farmers in a radius of about 100 km to minimize the time between harvest and processing. All the growers employed are committed to environmentally sound and sustainable agricultural practices. OBHL distributes superior planting materials (right seeds) to the farmers and provides clean water, fertilizer management systems and agronomical guidance. A team of agri-experts is employed to ensure that the farmers use the right type & dosage of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds in the fields. The farming system followed maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.

b. Other Sources

OTFPL also buys fruits from its long-term suppliers, apart from local growers, individual farmers and farmers' cooperatives in the nearby regions. All the fruits are grown on nutrient-rich soil, with a moderate climate, plentiful water and growing practices that provide the right conditions for producing top-quality produce.


Fresh fruits harvested from the fields are washed and graded. They are then deseeded, suitably processed, and pasteurized to deactivate organic enzymes, thus preserving the original flavour, colour, and texture, as well as nutritional content.

The OTFPL manufacturing and processing facility is truly state-of-the-art with a production area of 300,000 sq.ft., occupying 40 hectares of land, with a production capacity that can handle a wide range of fruits. A fully mechanized process line at the factory maintains stringent standards of hygiene.

Asceptic Processing

Aseptic processing offers tremendous benefits to fruits and their concentrates by subjecting them to less total heat and agitation. This enhances the shelf-life even as it retains the color, flavor and inherent goodness of the product. Each of the Aseptic operations have been designed with specific product applications that guarantee appropriate heating, holding and cooling times. The processing system also caters to a host of packaging options ranging from aseptic bags and drums to cartons.

The Aseptic Processing Plant at OTFPL is comprised of process machineries imported from CFT, Italy. The entire process flow has been designed to meet the stringent world standards of food processing and high levels of hygienic practices. The Plant at OTFPL has a capacity of handling 125,000 tonnes of fruits per season. The products are then packed according to industry standards and requirements. The following items undergo aseptic processing:

  • Fruit juices
  • Jam Varieties
  • Ice-creams
  • Yoghurts
  • Desserts


The original convenience product, canned food enables the availability of seasonal food through the year. Only the choicest of fruits find their way to OTFPL wherein they are packed within hours of sourcing with utmost care and strictest quality control practices in place. This ensures you get the freshest, tastiest and juiciest fruit - and the taste of sunshine in every can.

You may also send in your enquiries to otfpl@oceanicedible.com