Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste is extracted from the best quality, mature, and ripe tomatoes (Solanum Lycopersicum, Family Solanaceae) by the hot break / cold break process under stringent hygienic conditions. The soluble solid contents of freshly extracted Tomato paste shall not be less than 28 % m/m as determined by Refractometer at 20°C, uncorrected for acidity, and read as Brix in the International Sucrose Scales. The pulp is strained so that it is free from peels, seeds, other coarse parts of the tomato fruit, and other substances or impurities.

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Product Specifications


Brix corrected at 20° C (o B) >28
pH 4.0 - 4.5
Acidity (%) 5 -8
Colour Dark Red
Black Specs per 10gm -
Brown Specs per 10gm -
Flavour Characteristics of Tomato, no abnormal flavour
Appearance Homogenous
Taste Peculiar to Tomato
Consistency (Cm/30 sec by Bostwick at 20° C) 7.0 at 12° Brix
TCC cfu/gm <10 CFU
Yeast/Mould cfu/gm <10 CFU
Coli forms Absent
Salmonella Absent
Howard Mould Count 50% max. positive field