Aquaculture Own Farming

OBHL owns 140 hectares of its own farms in Poompuhar and Velankanni along the coast of Tamil Nadu in the South of India. This coastline along the Bay of Bengal is home to some of the finest seafood varieties in the world. The farms are located at a considerable distance from the nearest population centers, and hence the waters are free from industrial pollutants. The natural advantage of this ideal marine habitat combined with the skill of the coastal fishing families who have lived off these waters for generations ensures that only the finest catch is processed. Meticulous handling techniques and the use of technology ensure that the fragile seafood is allowed to preserve its natural taste and texture. Government regulations regarding Catch Limits prevent overexploitation of resources and ensure a continuity of supply. At OBHL, quality is guaranteed with the bond of trust that exists between the fisherfolk and the company.

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