Aquaculture Contract Farming

Besides its own farms, OBHL is a pioneer in Contract Farming. Its agreements with select farmers not only secure their incomes but also ensure capacity building and quality for international buyers right from the time the mother prawn is brought into the hatchery. These arrangements are well-defined, starting from sourcing the catch until the final documentation audit.

OBHL also facilitates specific agreements between these farmers and recognized banks for credit facilities towards shrimp cultivation. What's more, the company also supplies them with Oceanaa's branded seed, feed, and aqua health products, as well as a buyback guarantee at competitive prices, besides providing them with free technical services at all stages.

The Contract Farming arrangements extend to 750 hectares across Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh for Black Tiger and Vannamei prawns, and will be extended to cover 1500 hectares.

Contract Farming: The OBHL Model


  • Identifying farmers for contract agreements
  • Credit arrangements with recognized banks
  • Capacity and facility building advice.
  • Provisions of requisite inputs - seed/feed/aqua health products at competitive prices.
  • Free technical services and constant supervision at all stages
  • Facilitation of insurance claims
  • Buyback guarantee by OBHL at attractive market prices

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