Agriculture Contract Farming

OBHL has contract farming arrangements with farmers in a radius of about 100 km to minimize the time between harvest and processing.

All the growers employed are committed to environmentally sound sustainable agricultural practices. OBHL distributes superior planting materials (right seeds) to the farmers and provides clean water, fertilizer management systems and agronomical guidance.

A team of agri-experts is employed to ensure that the farmers use the right type & dosage of fertilizers and seeds in the fields.

The farming systems followed maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers.

Benefits to the Farmers:

  • Buy-back guarantee at competitive prices
  • Access to the best seeds, clean water, and fertilizers
  • Promotion of environmentally sound and sustainable agricultural practices
  • Agronomical guidance from a team of experts
  • Acquiring of new skills and experience with best practices in the industry

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