Vision & Mission

Oceanaa has the technological and the human resource capabilities to:

  • Unlock the potential of nature.
  • Provide high quality food that meets the standards for freshness, taste, nutritional value, appearance and safety.
  • Produce high quality, safe food for customers on the domestic and export markets.
  • Innovate to meet customer demands for variety, quality and safety of food products through knowledge and innovation.
  • Change and adapt to remain profitable and innovative in the market place.
  • Concentrate on value additions and niche market development.
  • Grow as an organization by creating a healthy work atmosphere and achieve the highest standards of service delivery, governance and accountability.
  • Grow and develop in harmony with a biologically sound environment and an integrated food chain.

Core Values

  • Integrity through ethical behaviour and honesty.
  • Creativity through innovation and foresight.
  • Flexibility to adapt, grow and change.
  • Consistency in quality of products delivered and market practices.
  • Professionalism in every sphere of activity and ownership.
  • Mutual respect and trust in all relationships across the hierarchy.
  • Safety and hygiene across all operations.
  • Responsible behaviour towards the community in all spheres.