The Oceanaa Group is the name behind all things natural, fresh, and tropical. It offers unparalleled standards of quality, traceability, and reliability of supply, and it does this by a series of innovative techniques in the operational arena. These include:

Contract Farming:

Pioneers in undertaking Contract Farming in the spheres of agriculture as well as aquaculture, Oceanaa ensures regular incomes for farmers, while encouraging environmentally sound and sustainable practices. By distributing the best seeds, feed, and technological guidance; as well as continuously monitoring and testing for quality, and providing a buy-back guarantee, Oceanaa ensures that only the best products bear its stamp.

Bio-security Measures:

In seafood cultivation, the most stringent bio-security measures are adhered to , to produce 100% antibiotic-free seafood that meets international food safety standards. Fruits and vegetables undergo the most rigorous aseptic processing and canning which meets international standards and requirements.

Complete Traceability:

Every batch of seafood produced comes with its own unique code, which enables to and fro tracking along the complete life cycle. This process integration and 100% traceability has resulted in Oceanaa being the only company in India being awarded an Aquaculture Insurance.

State-of-the-art Technology:

Laboratory is equipped with cutting edge automation and online tracking in its well-equipped Microbiology, Analytical Chemistry, and Molecular Biology Labs to analyze samples for bacteria, viruses, antibiotics, pesticides, and water chemistry, among other tests.