Social Responsibility

Oceanaa is a pioneer in Contract Farming, both in Agriculture and Aquaculture. While fresh fruits and vegetables are sourced from a radius of 100 km, contract farming arrangements cover an area of 750 hectares for seafood.

Oceanaa - Farmers Club

OESIL has started an Oceanaa Farmers' Club - an association for all its contract farmers, to provide them with the requisite information, techniques, and training to enable them to consistently meet the demands of discerning export buyers. This will promote Best Practices at the grassroots level, protecting the environment and also ensuring that the products delivered to the table are fresh and of the highest quality.

Benefits of the Oceanaa Farmers' Club:

  • The best farmers in Aquaculture and Agriculture are chosen to join as club members.
  • An awareness is created about the importance of a pollution-free environment.
  • The farmers are advised about eco-friendly methods of culturing.
  • Education is provided towards adopting good bio-security systems to prevent failures in the culturing processes.
  • Training is provided towards acquiring carbon credits through good culturing practices.
  • Free technical inputs are given at every stage of culturing.
  • Farmers are encouraged to adopt culturing using natural organic systems rather than inorganic systems.
  • A corpus fund has been created both via carbon credits and other sources.
  • Help is provided to the farmers during crop failures due to natural eventualities by providing them access to an interest-free fund.
  • Assistance is offered for medical and education claims made by the farmers from the corpus fund.
  • Health awareness programmes for common diseases are conducted to improve productivity.

Oceanaa – Gurukulam

At Oceanaa, we believe every young person deserves the opportunity to build a meaningful life for themselves, and grow into responsible and productive members of the community. With this in mind, the Oceanaa Gurukulam programme was established.

  • Students who are not able to continue their studies are offered an opportunity to be part of this programme.
  • The skills they are capable of mastering are identified, and they are enrolled into classroom training in the skill sets relevant to our group of companies.
  • They are provided with on-the-job training in the respective skilled processes.
  • Character development is given importance to build their self confidence, with the aim of moulding each one into a reliable and potential human resource for the organization they work in.
  • They are provided with job opportunities both in our group of companies and also outside.