M.A.Samy Charitable Trust

The Oceanaa Group places a high priority on the betterment of the communities around our various units. The welfare of our employees and their families, as well as the larger community, are important to our vision of growing and developing in harmony with our surroundings and sharing our knowledge, time, and money for the benefit of society as a whole.

In order to bring these dreams to fruition, the M.A. Samy Charitable Trust was set up. The spectrum of its activities include:

  • Providing educational assistance to those students who are not able to continue their studies due to financial constraints.
  • Providing uniforms and books to those students who cannot afford them.
  • Conducting free health check-ups and awareness programmes for various types of diseases.
  • Providing clean drinking water to villages around our factory locations.
  • Providing job opportunities for unskilled labour in our factory or in the Aquaculture and Agricultural farms, to enable them to maintain their livelihood on par with other employees.